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Contract Management

Caring for patients with chronic illnesses always requires close cooperation with a health insurance provider. As an innovative contract partner of statutory and private insurance companies, our aim is to ensure best-in-class care for the patient in line with physician’s orders. Our “Contract Management” business unit manages a number of different contracts for various services in accordance with Germany’s SGB (social law).

In order to offer patients the best possible care, we ensure availability of innovative drugs and medical products through our partnership with leading manufacturers around the globe. Just like public, statutory and private health insurance providers, our industrial partners are working towards lean and fast processes as well as economic distribution channels. Thereby, all participants have a common goal – high quality patient care with innovative and efficient pharmaceutical and medical products.

managed Care

The application of drugs that depend on medical devices for their use requires proper training of the patient in the handling of the required medical products. Only the correct operation of the medical device ensures safe and efficient treatment with the drug. As a service provider in accordance with Germany’s social law (SGB) and as a contractual partner of all statutory health insurance funds, we supply patients on the basis of a physician’s prescription with all medical devices (including disposables) that are necessary for an application of the drug in accordance with its approval and indications for use. These drugs are usually inhaled, infused or injected.

With our nationwide network of medical device consultants and nurses we offer registered patients managed care at their residence. Our aim is to ensure compliance and thereby success of the treatment, which is why we provide the service as long it is medically necessary based on the view of the treating physician.

For pharmacies

Please note that based on our license in accordance with § 52 AMG (German Pharmaceutical Product Law) we only offer sales of pharmaceutical products to pharmacies. We currently do not offer any pharmaceutical products for sale outside Germany / Austria.

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